Insightful Dashboard

Checkout statistics chart of users registered, boxes created and responses received over the different period of time ranging from last 30 days, last 3 months up to last 10 years.

Powerful User Management

Greater control over users of Suggestify. Have a look on user management features. 
  • Create, edit, delete, activate and decactivate user and admin
  • Change password
  • Update email verified status
  • Complete user info with Suggestion boxes and responses count
  • Export users and admin records in PDF and CSV format

Mini CMS

Very handy and mini CMS to help you out create simple pages to display on website. You can update content of default pages like Login, Registration, Terms and Conditions, 404, Maintenance right from CMS. 

You will have a control over where to display page and at which position in menu along with simple support for SEO in terms of adding meta information.

Email Layouts

Suggestify sends emails to user and admin for various events like user registered, Suggestion received, Contact us message etc. CMS module also gives an ability for you as admin to edit contents of these emails with easy to use rich text editor. 

Control over System

Powerful feature allowing admin to control and fine tune system as per the need. General Settings module enables admin to set basic settings of system like Logo images, Date-time format, Home page, Footer text, Theme etc.

Email Settings

Admin can configure which protocol to follow and how emails should be sent. Possible options are PHP's own mail() function, sendmail and SMTP. 

Facebook/Google Login and Google Analytics

Third party integration module allows you to enable Facebook and Google Login features and in addition cool feature to track and have statictics of website visitors using Google Analytics.

Social Profile Icons

You can have Pages and Profiles on Social platforms like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube. With help of this module you can configure which icons to show on website and add corresponding URL of you social profile.

Google Ads

Unique feature for you as Owner, who wants to deploy Suggestify as his own Feedback collecting system and wants to earn some money by showing Google Ads on website pages and Suggestion posting form page. 

You can show Google Ad at Page top, Page Bottom and in Sidebar and you will have choices of how large Google Ad should be at each position.

Have control over data - Backup and Restore

Suggestify allows you as admin to have control over your data and be safe in events of unfortunate distater like Server crash. 

You can always take backup of database and images and restore the same whenever you want.

Stay Tuned

Stay updated with latest software update of Suggestify.