General Questions

  1. What is Suggestify?

    Suggestify is a web based software/website which allows users to send and receive Anonymouns and Unbiased suggestions.

  2. Who can use it?

    - Anyone who wants to have own web based software to receive Suggestions over anything from 
    - Organization who wants to have a way for its resources like employees, clients etc to post them Anonymous Suggestions over various organizational aspects and make quantitative decisions
    - Anyone who wants to have portal for his users and wants to monetize the anonymous suggestion sending feature
    - And virtually anyone who wants in-house software for sending/receiving anonymous and private feedback over anything and from anyone

  3. Can I have demo before I purchase Suggestify?

    Absolutely. Click here to check how Suggestify works and how it can be useful for you.


  1. What is Server requirements?

    - Apache HTTP Server (Ver. 2.4.33)
    - MySQL Database Server (Ver. 5.0.12)
    - PHP (Ver. 5.5 or later)

  2. Does it come with Installation wizard?

    Yes. When you visit Suggestify for very first time, it will automatically ask you to enter configurations like Database and Admin Settings and it will install suggestify quickly.


  1. Can I create users manually?

    Yes. You can create admin and normal user from admin panel.

  2. Can I manually verify user?

    Yes. Edit user profile and select "Yes" from "Is Verified?" field dropdown and save it.

  3. Why it asks for Password when editing user profile?

    It is shortcut way of updating password. If you don't want to update password, you can leave it blank as it is optional. System will only update password of user, when Password field is not empty.

  4. I accidentally changed role of normal user to Admin. Will it erase all of his suggestion boxes and responses?

    No. You can again update his profile and set his role back to User. System will not delete any data of user when his profile is updated.

  5. What does User status mean?

    Status means active/inactive status of user. It allows to temporarily block some user while still having his account on system.

  6. I see "Provider" information in User profile information popup. What is it?

    Provider means using which medium user initially registered on Suggestify. It could be facebook, google or web (by filling up registration form).

  7. Why I see very few fields when editing some CMS pages like 404, maintenance, Login etc?

    Because these pages are Default/System pages for which some information are pre-decided and displayed by system which can not be updated.

  8. Can I create a page which will not be visible in any menu?

    Yes. Just do not select any display location and it will not be available in header or footer menu.

  9. Can I disable some of the emails?

    Yes. You can use an option available when you edit email template to enable/disable email.

  10. How do I remove Logo image or Favicon image?

    You can do it indirectly by deleting image files from "public/assets/uploads" directly. We will look into this feature in future updates.


  1. Is it required for someone to register before submitting feedback?

    No. Anyone can submit feedback. Even if someone is logged in his account and posting feedback on some other user's suggestion box, we do not ask or capture any personal information. Suggestify maintains anonymity throughout the software.

  2. Why it asks for Password when editing my profile?

    It is shortcut way of updating password. If you don't want to update password, you can leave it blank as it is optional. System will only update password, when Password field is not empty.

  3. Why I do not see "Stats" action option for some of the suggestion boxes?

    Statistics chart is available for single choice or multi-choice based suggestion box only. For suggestion box where it asks for writing feedback, statistics chart option will not be available.

  4. Can I create Suggestion box which will be available for posting feedback for some specific time period?

    Yes. Enter "Start Data and Time" and "End Date and Time" of your choice from where Suggestion box will be available to public.

  5. Why I'm not able to delete Suggestion box options?

    We do not encourage editing or deleting any box options once created, as people might have submitted feedback according to options available at the time and it can create false statistics for you.


  1. I found some issue or some feature is not working as expected. What should I do?

    Post your finding on Codecanyon and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

  2. I customized Suggestify from some developer as per my custom need. Can I still upgrade Suggestify?

    No. You must not upgrade Suggestify once you got it customized as upgrade may erase customization. Additionally, even if you chose to upgrade, we strongly warn that we are not responsible for any loss occured due to the upgrade over customization. 

  3. I have my custom need and wants to customize it? Can you do it for me?

    Definitely. We would love to provide customization service to you. Please get in touch with us on by filling up this contact form.