Receive Suggestions as Text message or Single/Multiple choices

Wheather you have clear set of options ready or not, Suggestify can help you. If you have options available with you and expect people select one or more from those options and provide you suggestion, you can create suggestion box with single or multiple choice question. And in case you don’t have options, you can ask people to write down their suggestion.

More Insight using Statistics Chart

If you have created single/multiple choice question suggestion box, you can see how many people provided feedback and how many of them voted for which option using statistics chart available right on the dashboard.

Easy to use Dashboard

View all your suggestion boxes along with number of responses/feedback received and status of box and many more information on the dashboard. Preview your suggestion box and share suggestion box URL from the dashboard itself.

Easy to Share and Embeddable

One click sharable link available from the Dashboard along with support for sharing the suggestion box with multiple social platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.

Additionally, you can easily embed your suggestion box on other websites, web portals or any mobile apps and increase possibility of getting more suggestions from increased number of sources. Suggestion box is fully mobile responsive and its graphical UI will adjust according to the device and provide best experience to people providing suggestion.

Detailed Responses/Feedback

Check out each response in detail and get through individual feedback. All feedback are anonymous and you cannot see who submitted feedback. Additional control available to delete the feedback as well.

Export Feedback

All feedback received on suggestion box can be exported as PDF and CSV file. A cool feature enabling you to present statistics to someone in your own way.